Hosted Exchange Advantages
Always Accessible

Hosted Exchange for Outlook keeps all your Outlook Data synched between all your devices and allows you to access it all online. There are so many advantages to Hosted Exchange including protection from data loss or hardware failure.

Inexpensively Priced

Hosted Exchange for Outlook starts at $10 per account per month. You get all synched services, Google’s Postini Spam and Anti-Virus Protecton, and all Smartphone Support.

Moving your Outlook is Easy...

We are here to help you move your email to our corporate solution. There is NO SETUP FEE!

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Hosted Exchange / Outlook

Use Hosted Exchange for your corporate email solution. You can shared your Calendar, Contacts, Email, and Tasks.

With Hosted Exchange for Outlook, you can have company contacts and a company calendar. You can have all your Outlook Data available to you from most any computer. You can have access to shared calendars, contacts, and tasks among specific shared accounts.

Your Outlook is Synched all the time with all your devices
Hosted Exchange for Outlook is the best way to keep your Outlook synchronized with all your computer devices and have all updates instantly!

Hosted Exchange for Outlook will give you and your company a Professional corporate email solution using Outlook. You can have all your Outlook data available anytime, anywhere. With Hosted Exchange, your data is always backed up and available on all your IT Equipment.

All Syhchronization is Automatic!!!!

  • Synch Outlook with your Laptop
  • Synch Outlook home computer
  • Synch Outlook with your I-Phone
  • Synch Outlook on BlackBerry or Droid
  • Synch Outlook with your Work Computer
  • Web Outlook always online and Synched!