My QuickBooks to Go Pricing

My QuickBooks to go is a monthly service that is billed quarterly. This service is paid via credit card authorization.

Pricing Plan 1:
Dedicated Virtual Server is $99.00 per month. NO SETUP FEE!!

Pricing Plan 2:
If you pre-pay for 1 year you get pricing of $75.00 per month.

Virtual QuickBooks Setup

Once you have signed up for our service we will work with you to move your QuickBooks, and your data to your Dedicated Virtual Server.
Your QuickBooks Installation: We will need a copy of your QuickBooks installation file or CD. We will also need your installation code. We will work with you directly to upload and install your copy and version of QuickBooks to your Dedicated Virtual Server. You will have to re-setup user rights in QuickBooks.

Your QuickBooks Data: We will help you upload the data from your workstation or server and move it to your Dedicated Virtual Server.

Your Security

My QuickBooks to Go is a secure solution.

We use both Microsoft Security through Terminal Application Login and QuickBook user accounts. Your Data is backed up nightly to an alternate server. Data can be restored from a webpage at any time!

Security Features:
  • You login to QuickBooks through Microsoft Application Services
  • You login to QuickBooks with individual user accounts.
  • Your data is backed up nightly through an automated backup system.
  • You will get nightly notifications for backup service.

No Accountant’s copy!

With my QuickBooks to Go, my clients can use QuickBooks at anytime from anywhere. There is no need for them to make an accountant’s copy, as I can get into their data and review all statements in live time.
Dennis Hicks, CPA, Hicks Financial, San Diego, CA.