Hosted Quickbooks Overview /
Cloud Computing
Hosted QuickBooks runs on a Dedicated Virtual Microsoft Windows 2008 Server.

This server is running Microsoft Application Service which gives applications the ability to run as Cloud Computing. The server is able to deliver software that is loaded directly on the server to be sent as a icon and run through Cloud Computing.

We can load on your version of QuickBooks with your License Key and deliver the software via Cloud Computing using the Microsoft Application Service.


In order to use My QuickBooks to go you will need to make sure that your machine meets these minimum update requirements which you can download from the links below:

  • Windows XP → Service Pack 3
  • Windows Vista → Service Pack 1
  • For Printing (XP and Vista) → .NET 3.5 Framework SP1

Using the Demo

Once your system meets the requirements listed to the left, you will be able to try out a demo of our software. Simply download the My QuickBooks to Go Remote Desktop Services icons to your computer and double-click them to launch the application. You can log into either application using the login credentials you received in response to filling out our Login Request Form.

Security and Backup

  • Your QuickBooks Server will is dedicated
  • Your Server has 100Mbit Internet Connection
  • Your Server is only for your company
  • A firewall is on each server
  • Your Server will have secure Login and passwords
  • You Server will have Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware/Anti-Spyware
  • Your QuickBooks will have Login and Passwords
  • Your Server will be backed up nightly
  • Your backup will give you nightly notification

Demo NOW!

You can demo the My QuickBooks to go Hosted Option now. Click on the Demo Icon, and download the Remote Application Icon to your computer. Then double click the icon to launch the demo.