Hosted QuickBooks Advantages
Blazing Speed!

Hosted Quickbooks has so many advantages to allowing your staff, to connect to your QuickBooks program and data from remote at very quick speeds. With Microsoft Server 2008 and our 100Mbit Internet speeds your Quickbooks program will run as fast as if you were in the office.

Access anywhere, anytime.

Give access to your staff, book keeping, and your accountant. There is no need to do an accountants copy, there is no need to give a backup copy for anyone to work on. All access is live time to YOUR DATA. Your QuickBooks program and data will be accessible anywhere on the Internet!

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Hosted QuickBooks

You and your staff can run QuickBooks just by clicking on an icon on your Windows Desktop. This works with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Hosted QuickBooks gives you access to your version of QuickBooks via the Internet from any computer. With Hosted QuickBooks, we upload your copy of QuickBooks and your data to our dedicated virtual server that is built only for your company. This server has Windows 2008 Server. You and your staff can run QuickBooks via Microsoft’s Remote Application Service via anywhere on the Internet.

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Run Any Verison of QuickBooks on the Internet
You can run just about any version of QuickBooks over the Internet and be able to interact with your data. You can have simultaneous users all using QuickBooks from anywhere on the Internet.

With Microsoft’s Remote Application you can run your QuickBooks with the click of one icon. The software will run through the Internet using cloud computer built into Microsoft Windows Server 2008. With Hosted QuickBooks you get the following advantages:

  • You can run most any version of QuickBooks
  • You get a nightly backup with notification
  • You can PRINT to any Local printer!
  • Hosted QuickBooks Runs very fast!
  • You can run simultaneous users if you have QB Multiuser
  • Your data is secure, with secure login and passwords
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