Provides you and your staff SIMULTANEOUS access to your software anywhere on the Internet, without local installation.

You can provide your software to you and your staff anywhere on the Internet. They can use the software simultaneously with multi-licensed versions. You can easily have 2 or more people attached to the virtual server simultaneously. As long as your software is licensed to do so.

No need for multiple installations of software.

You will only need to install your software one time on the Microsoft 2008 Server. You then can deliver the software via an icon emailed to your staff. Updates and changes only need to be done one time from the server itself.

No Equipment Required!

Provide software to multiple offices without any VPN, Server Hardware, or other complex connectivity. You can offer your software via application services from your Hosted Dedicated Virtual Server to any user without any complex configuration.


Remote Administration of users is easy. There is no need to setup a dedicated computer at the office for remote control. YOU CAN PRINT TO ANY LOCAL PRINTER!

Remote Application

With Remote Application services installed on Microsoft Widows 2008 Server, we can deliver most any application that runs on Microsoft Server and deliver to any computer on the Internet without any local installation on that computer.

Remote Application is a new technology built into Windows 2008 Server. When a program is delivered remotely, the client computer will get an icon. When clicked, the user is asked to login for security. Once logged in, the program will start automatically. You will be able to use the program on almost any Windows computer and will be able to print locally to any printer installed.

How It Works

With Microsoft Server 2008 Application Services you can deliver your Windows Application to any computer on the Internet.

To make this work, we install your application on our Windows 2008 Server. We then have to create your users, and send you an icon that your remote computers will use. When users click on the icon, they will have to login to the server before the application starts.

The application is loaded on a firewalled computer. The application is delivered via Microsoft Application Terminal Services. It is like Remote Desktop, except, there is no desktop. The program runs almost as fast as if it was installed locally!

We host our servers at American Internet Services:

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