Virtual Office Services

We offer various virtual office services to help you and your business streamline your productivity through using IT for remote access and online solutions:

Features of Dedicated Virtual Servers

With My QuickbooksToGo you get a Dedicated Virtual Server from San Diego Computer Consulting. This server is secure and FAST!!!!
The Dedicated Virtual Server is great for up to 2 applications including QuickBooks. You can easily support up to 5 simultaneous users. You get up to 2 simultaneous users included in our package.

The Dedicated Virtual Server comes with Server 2008. 2 Gigs of Ram, 50 Gig of Hard Drive Space. 2 Simultaneous users. Full Windows Printing Support, and nightly backup.

Office Packages

You can add a Hosted Exchange solution to your Hosted Dedicated Virtual Server for $10 Per Email account.

Use Microsoft Hosted Exchange to provide your company with a corporate email solution. With Hosted Micrsoft Exchange, you can keep your calendar, contacts, tasks and email all online and synchronized between your work, home, laptop and Smartphone.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange provided by San Diego Computer Consulting is the best way to keep your Outlook Data synchronized between all your devices.

  • Synchronize Outlook on your I-Phone, Blackberry, Palm, and Droid
  • Synchronize Outlook on your office and home computer
  • Synchronize Outlook on your laptop
  • Have Web Outlook accessible anywhere!
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Virtual Office

Virtual Office allows me to have my Quickbooks anywhere. It also allows me to have my Outlook anywhere!
Mark Orlando, CPA